Discover The Ground-Breaking, Unconventional And Natural Approach
to Overcoming Sleeplessness (Insomnia) Once and For All …100% Guaranteed!

Must we go through this every night?

Anyone who’s laid awake at night knows how frustrating and upsetting it can be to spend hours in bed willing sleep to come—and knowing just how bad you’re going to feel in the morning if it doesn’t.

Chronic insomnia can even take a serious toll on your physical and mental health, increasing your risk of health problems such as stroke, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, and certain cancers.

Statistics and research have also shown that there's a strong relationship between insomnia and Obesity.

No matter how long you’ve been suffering from insomnia or how frequently you struggle to sleep, don’t despair. While it can take time to correct the habits that contribute to your sleep problems, here is the Solution to help overcome insomnia and enjoy a full and restful night’s sleep.


Price = N45,000


ALOE VERA GEL:  This is a daily nutritional drink that helps to maintain the digestive system and also the energy level in your body. It also helps in balancing the immune system.

Aloe vera extract contains certain biochemical components such as flavonoids and amino acids which have been previously documented to affect sleep quality. It helps to calm the nerves down and relax the mind, which ultimately will induce sleep without causing any side effects.


ALOE BLOSSOM HERBAL TEA: It Contains Aloe Blossom with selected herbs including Cinnamon,Ginger, Fragrant Clover, Sweet Pepper, Cardamom, Chamomile and Orange Peel. Helpful in relieving stress and relaxing the body to enable restful sleep. Is low in calorie, nutritious and contains no caffeine.

ARCTIC SEA: contains natural fish oils with vital fatty acids . It is taken from fish that live in the unpolluted waters of the Arctic. Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3 supplement uses only the finest cold-water fish oils. It contains a mix of Omega 3 & Omega 9 fatty acids.

A vital set of nutrients required for a healthy body, are the fatty acids. These nutrients serve several functions, including the make-up of the majority of the protective membrane that surrounds every one of our cells. They are also used by the body as major building blocks for the creation of body fat, needed in appropriate amounts to cushion and protect our internal organs and keep us warm thus, enhancing good and better sleep.

With all these products put together, sleeping peacefully and easily like a child will no longers be impossible...


Price = N45,000
(No Extra Charge For Delivery)